It’s not long until the summer holidays! We can forget about work, spend time with family and friends, have fun and enjoy some sun. But with the looming climate crisis and Brexit catastrophe, we must make this year’s holidays a truly life-enhancing experience. There are a fantastic range of holidays now available for the ethical holiday-maker. Let’s make the most of our remaining time on earth. Here is our pick of the best.

Extinction Tours

We have all seen the picture of the poor Polar Bear clinging to one of the last melting icebergs on earth. Extinction Tours offers an exclusive package for you and your family to live with a family of Polar Bears in Nunavut, Canada for a week. You will be flown to an exclusive ice sheet by sea plane, provided with Inuit costumes and tools to build an igloo. Although Inuits protect themselves with guns, you will be shown techniques to communicate in Polar Bear language. After one week, what remains of you and your family, will be collected. You can share your life-changing experience on Instagram.

If you prefer hot weather, Extinction Tours offers a package to see the millions of insects which are predicted to become extinct by The BBC. You and your family will be driven deep into the rainforest of Borneo, where you will be buried in an abandoned ant hill. Here you can observe the thousands of species of beetles, ants, sawflies and wasps, including the recently discovered Colobopsis Explodens, an ant which ruptures its abdomen when threatened – tragically increasing its chance of becoming extinct.

Credit: Michael Heath

Recycling your holiday

Perhaps you would prefer a working holiday. Malaysia, Indonesia and China were once happy to recycle the rubbish generated in Western countries. Now, they want us to take it back and it’s about time we did. What better way to enjoy the tropical weather and do some good at the same time? While others lounge aimlessly on sun-drenched beaches, the true eco-conscious family could pick through the rubbish mountains and load their suitcases with sorted rubbish to take home.

Colonial Guilt Tours

Although you are not personally responsible for the slave trade, there is a possibility that you are directly descended from people who may have known someone who was, in some way, connected with the slave trade several hundred years ago. Anyone alive in Britain today, rightly, feels guilt about this possible association. Colonial Guilt Tours are designed to help you relieve your burden. You and your family will be flown to the site of a former slave trade port in Ghana. Here you will have the opportunity to express your sorrow directly to local Ghanians.

Stay Local

If you are a truly dedicated ethical tourist, you will refuse to step foot on a CO2 emitting aircraft. Local Tours are offering holidays at Britain’s remaining seaside towns. You may not have the benefits of good weather and many of Britain’s coastal towns are in decline, experiencing high levels of poverty. However, if you can avoid the Brexit voting locals, you and your family can still have a good time.