An alternative for the word ‘single’, as coined by actress Emma Watson.

In a November 2019 interview with Vogue, Emma Watson described herself as ‘self-partnered’. As a pioneering feminist, Emma rejects the normative expectations placed on a woman who has just turned 30. To demonstrate the extent to which she is comfortable with being single and relaxed about not being in a romantic relationship, she created the phrase ‘self-partnered’. This helped to draw international media attention away from her relationship status and towards the taboo-busting manner in which she described her relationship status.

From the many alternatives available – including ‘other people’ – Emma has selected herself as her preferred partner. The courtship is understood to have taken place over a prolonged period of international media attention. Emma simply fell in love with herself. She eschewed dating apps and swiped right on all her selfies. After self-handholding walks in the park and romantic dinners for one, it is understood that her relationship will be consummated in a ceremony involving a pool of water and an appropriately named daffodil.