The British Broadcasting Corporation is the U.K.’s public service broadcaster.

The BBC acts in the public service by serving the public with the private opinions of BBC Editors and Commissioners. They are granted an annuity of £3,700,000,000 to perform this essential task. Thus, the public is roundly, thoroughly and repeatedly serviced by the BBC.

As the national broadcaster, the BBC reflects a picture of the nation that BBC managers would prefer to live in. The rich diversity of their personal preoccupations is broadcast across Britain. In this way, the nation is united within the vision that the BBC has for us all.

The values elucidated by the great patrician, Lord Reith, in the 1920s, continue to serve as a guide. The BBC continues to educate, to inform and to entertain.


The BBC excels in providing entertainment for those members of the public who do not work for the corporation. Unlike other streaming services who follow an opt-in subscription model, the BBC uses the threat of prosecution to ensure that we all have access to its entertainment. The BBC entertains the nation without trying.


BBC News has introduced a helpful ‘fact check’ service to ensure that we all conform to the correct definitions of Brexit and the climate apocalypse. The BBC informs us about the preoccupations of a fascinating group of people. Dramas, documentaries and comedy shows reflect the hopes, anxieties and fears of media creatives, known disparagingly as the ‘cultural elite’. The BBC plays an invaluable role, by educating us about the mindset of this small, but influential group of people, who govern our culture.


Great educational documentaries like ‘Civilisation’ are a thing of the past thanks to the BBC’s decision to modernise its educational output. Most people are unable to keep up with the latest fads and the BBC provides a useful service by re-educating us about what is and is not true, at any one time. They have cultivated our understanding that men can be women; that economic progress is a bad thing; that most people you meet are vegans; and that the wider population is racist, stupid or both. In this way, we are continuously re-educated to understand that we don’t understand anything.

“The public serves the BBC well”