Supporters of a radical social, political and economic transformation.


Traditionally, left-wing people believed in radically transforming society to favour those who created society’s wealth – the working class. They also campaigned to end discrimination against marginalised groups and believed in racial, social and gender equality.

However, the development of automated tills at supermarkets and the willingness of Eastern Europeans to pick our vegetables, has reduced the visibility of the working-class. Further, the willingness of most working-class people to vote for Brexit and against the Labour Party has made them unpopular with well-off left-wing voters whose altruistic decision to lend their support to the poor and the vulnerable is under appreciated by those who need their help. It turns out that these people do not know what is in their best interests. The working-class is a big disappointment to true socialists.

Simultaneously, the huge growth of managerial, policy-making and university jobs, has led to the rise of a new ruling class, known as the Bossy Class. The Bossy Class believe that their role is to manage the lives of others, through continuous education, new rules, regulation, speech codes, behaviour management initiatives and outlawing unsavoury behaviour. They believe that society should be organised and controlled, and that individual initiative should be mistrusted and restricted. The Bossy Class has welcomed an influx of left-wing people to guide them. They have adopted the language of ‘white privilege’, ‘hate speech’ and various ‘phobias’ to manage the behaviour of the working-class. In this way, ‘socialism’ has been reinvented to create a new ruling class.

Although the Bossy Class live comfortable lives and hold influential positions, they are uncomfortable about being seen to be in charge. They overcome this problem by encouraging left-wingers to create new threats, against which they can protect society together. Helpfully, Left-wingers love to create problems and invent threats. This allows them to present themselves as ‘anti-establishment’, whilst simultaneously increasing their authority and control. Recently, they have uncovered ‘fascist threats’ and an ‘epidemic of hate crime’.

They have discovered that babies are no longer born as boys or girls, requiring qualified radicals to advise parents on ‘gender assignment’ and show schools how to ‘support’ children as they determine their own gender.

In Victorian times, Karl Marx predicted the establishment of socialism, resulting from the overthrow of the bourgeoisie by the working-class, led by its class-conscious members. In modern times, a self-conscious petit-bourgeoisie establishes its control, led by middle-class socialists who wish to overthrow the working-class. How times have changed.


“Why are you so angry all the time, are you left-wing?”