A promotional slogan to encourage people to stop eating animal products throughout January.

‘Veganuary’ is widely promoted to encourage people to abstain from consuming meat and dairy products, following their over-consumption of turkey, hams and game pies throughout the Christmas holidays. It builds on previous campaigns to curtail the high spirits of the festive period by adding self-denial to the natural gloom and misery of January. Previous crusades include ‘Dry January’ (abstinence from alcohol), ‘Sour January’ (abstinence from chocolate and cake), Scrooguary (promotion of meanness), ‘BuggerOffanuaray’ (insulting strangers) and SantimoniousAnuary (Voluble self-abnegation).

Campaigners hope that some people who experiment with a plant-based diet, will turn into life-long vegans. For some, veganism is simply a way to reduce the menu options available in restaurants; guarantee lengthy discussions with waiters about cooking oils and ensure that dinner-time conversations revolve around the fascinating subject of what they will and won’t put in their mouth. Vegans are often stereotyped as lifeless and pasty, but eating plants gives many vegans a purpose which they may otherwise lack. In their surprise that they haven’t withered away, they can become quite animated.


“We are what we eat and, this month, I will mainly be lentil, Quorn and quinoa”